Gem-Where™ Smart View

The Smart View™ RFID Counter Pad is used on the sales floor to track various sales associate and customer activities. The Smart View™ is special, because it is RFID enabled and when connected to a computer and your POS software, it can track everything from items shown to customers to sales associate showing activities and in-store trends.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Create periodic reports of the total dollar value of the items shown to your customers
  • Run a comparison report of how many items your staff is showing compared to how any items have been sold
  • Automatically record the customers interests for analysis
  • Stock smarter by monitoring product showings vs. sales of each item
  • Build customized and targeted marketing campaigns based on real in-store trends
  • Partner with your key designers and suppliers to leverage their professional digital display information
  • Display jewelry pieces and accessories that coordinate to the item(s) the customer is interested in

To see a video of Smart View™ live at JCK 2011, click here.

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Smart View


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