Gem-Where™ Intelligent Inventory

Gem-Where™ Inventory is a timesaving solution created to assist in the organization, registration, inventory and ongoing monitoring of jewelry, watches and high value retail items. Gem-Where™ Inventory is a RFID plugin that enables the jewelry facility's staff to attach a very small RFID tag to the item, enter it into their POS software and update its currently location simply by wanding over the jewelry in or out of the display case.

Click here to watch a video of Gem-Where™ RFID vs. Barcode - Pen/Paper.

Inventory Management:

  • Drastically reduce time spent conducting physical inventory - making it possible to complete regular (weekly/monthly) physical inventory counts
  • Quick/accurate inventory count of items in vault for manufacturers
  • Quickly count items in the case or as they move in and out of the vault each day
  • Unlike barcode, items do not have to be removed one at a time from their display trays to be counted in a physical inventory
  • Each serialized piece can be relieved from inventory using RFID

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Intelligent Inventory



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