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Radio Frequency Identification Solutions for the Jewelry Industry

Gem-Where™ is a state of the art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution for the jewelry industry. Utilizing 900 MHz RFID technology, Gem-Where is ultra-sensitive for dense tag environments, such as around metal objects or in display cases. Once your jewelry is tagged with our RFID smart tags, you can improve your inventory process, customer service, and gain a better sense of security by knowing what you have and where it is located.

Jewelry/Gem/Watch Manufacturers...

Gem-Where™ will help you inventory your vault, giving you accurate daily inventory counts. It will also allow manufacturers to confirm RFID tagged jewelry, watches and gems in their shipping boxes - eliminating unnecessary shipping errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Customer Testimonials

"We still operated on a DOS system before and would do inventory once a year, by hand, and it would take over a month. Now, with the advanced technology of Gem-Where™, we do inventory monthly, if not bi-monthly."

"I can easily say it is about 100 times faster to do inventory of our entire show room and vaults than it was before we purchased Gem-Where™."

"I am more than pleased with the staff, the helpful and friendly attitudes, the promptness to fix a problem if/when it arises and most of all the software. I look forward to having many prosperous years using Gem-Where™."


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